A Farewell Letter

My Love,
When I leave your side; I want you to remember me as the most beautiful thing that ever happened to you. I am not there to bid good bye or say welcome when you land on the other side but I surely have a lot to say about this important happening.
A journey to your new home just starts now; you will see new people around, new place, not familiar system, you won’t know any hacks of the city. You will miss your homies, friends and your land. Familiar faces will always bring a smile on your face but it is NOT going to be hard, because you have a vision that keeps you motivated; it’s about time you live your dream! Faces will get familiar, places too; you will make new friends, still the folks you left behind and the memories!! Will make you go all sad at times but you can enjoy those sad times eating at Regger Shack, Satchel’s Pizza (You can eat in an old truck there it’s a nice place I feel and they make homemade soda), Sarkara Sweet (A cupcake and champagne place), and now the question is if the sad time struck around midnight than? There is a place called “MIDNIGHT COOKIES” they deliver stuff too you can get something from there or you can get fresh beer from “Tall Paul’s Brew House” and they serve all sorts of HARD DRINKS as well, enough fooling around!
You might know the ancient Greek theory behind the word better half if not it is said that when God created humans he created us in two parts one female the other male and together these parts made one INDIVIDUAL, yet then for some reason God decided to separate the two parts and sent them to earth to find each other, and it took 21 years for me to find my better half this is the perfect word that sums up what I have for you sweetheart, your happiness actually makes me happy and your sadness breaks me apart. So THIS happening right here is so beautiful for me, you know why? not just because you are happy or you got what you wished for but Because I am witnessing you grow, years from now when you say “Honey, you know when …” I wish to picture the exact “WHEN” you are referring to from your past and I wish to bug you stating the wrong facts about that when and saying “You forgot because of the age dude”. Life is indeed just a collection of memories and I wish you make a lot of good ones to cherish at Gainesville.
Rest, I know You will do great, you will get settled in no time, sadly I am not there to help you set your “GoT” themed bedroom but someday I will visit your place and will again cry my eyes out while saying good bye or a huge possibility is there that I might stay there with you forever
I pray the best comes your way


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