A person who taught me everything

Why we have a word “Eternity” even in our dictionary, when nothing in this world is eternal, but I know something that is eternal. I never understood this word, till I met this person who taught me everything.

 If you truly wish to learn something you don’t have to love the thing but you have to love the person teaching it. So this person was going to teach me a subject, widely discussed but never taught life.

I was just a silly girl back then, awesome at studying, good grades and a perfect love life. I loved travelling, visiting new restaurants, places everything. Just roaming around all the time. I had a disturbed past before a few breakups and a few family problems, that made me a person addicted to self injury. Yet I never hated my life, I never wanted to die, till this day I found myself falling for a person who was never meant to be mine. This happening and THAT person taught me everything.

He taught me to love and to let go. He taught me to expect the least and give my best. Yes, you get to listen to such words many times but only knowing them does no good to you. The people who actually LET GO! and love beyond limits are the real KEEPERS.

He taught me to give, give and forgive. After knowing him I got to know the synonym of live is give. When you truly become a giver you start enjoying life to its fullest. The burden you have on your soul drops, your soul becomes free. There is no more stuff; memories, pain, emotions clinging to it and it can fly high.

He made sure that he is the most important one in my life and then, then he broke me. He repeatedly did the same to make me stronger, then he taught me the real meaning of being strong; its not how much you can take and keep inside your heart but its how much you can let go, how much you can give to others, how much you can love the person who gave you a lesson, how much you can absorb.

He taught me to put myself together, alone. He taught me to pick up the pieces myself and put them in right places ALONE!

He helped me understand my religion, because of him I know now what HE the almighty wants from us. How fragile the heart of a believer should be. Now I know its just Love and purity that HE demands from human and the rest comes as a by product.

He taught me to stand still even when I am falling apart and smile bright in my darkest days. He taught me to inspire lives by giving them a shoulder to cry on and loving them unconditionally. He taught me that all the greatest success in not fame, its not having all the luxuries of life, the greatest success is listening to someone saying these words to you “I never gave up because of you”.

He taught me you can never get anything merely because you want it bad. He said you will always get everything just in time when HE thinks you need it. People left my side when I actually needed them, things went wrong but because of him now I know there is always a brighter side of every picture.

Love is not a feeling but a process. A process of constant struggle and constant learning. An adventure that helps you explore your limits. Never ending pain will teach you much more. He taught me to be the best with the least.

And the most important thing he taught me is that NOTHING but Love is the only eternal thing… because HE is eternal and when you truly love someone, be it a human, a plant, an animal, anything in this world. Indirectly you are loving HIM … after sometime the barriers break HE removes all the ways to him, all confused you feel LOST but then you realize your heart is just as soft as HE wanted it to be… you find HIM so close to you that you need no more ways. HE is just there, inside you, your heart is your destiny… and whats next? you start loving everything like HE does … you heart becomes softer, your actions inclined to please every living being, you feel the joy in pain, you let go because you know, like HIM you own everything now. So whats the point of keeping something you know is yours and will be yours no matter who has it! though the process was painful and complex, no one answered my questions and no one saw me crying yet what I learned changed me.

Still loving still learning….


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