“I will leave your side quietly, I promise because I am just, way too tired now. I will let you go. SHE can have you forever. I will find something that I can have forever. I will make sure that something has enough of you, Love! I will keep you close and love you till the end” She whispered to her dying soul one fine night before sleeping.

Life is just not so just

She never understood why? She was born here with all these blessings, and he was born there; far away in another land. He followed another religion, prayed differently, ate different food nothing was common in between them except for the fact that they loved each other.

“I don’t like going to the temples, I am just not so religious, SHE wanted to go to a temple and we wear white when we go there, I had some work at the University I worked and planned to go change just in time when she was supposed to come, She got angry because I was not ready to go in time SHE SHOULD KNOW I DON’T LIKE GOING TO TEMPLES SHE SHOULD UNDERSTAND I AM DOING THIS BECAUSE I LOVE HER” 
He said that while they were sitting on some rocks near a beach in Bali.
She smiled
He continued telling her details of his relationship. She kept on smiling listening to him talking …. The most beautiful smile… just like a shinny diamond studded crown over an old ugly Queen’s head.. Not hiding all the wrinkles but drawing all the attention so no one notices the ugliness.

They were sleeping together for days and were in a relationship for almost a year. Life is cruel. A few days ago they just celebrated her engagement’s party. While her friends teased her and asked her about her man, She stared at him with empty eyes, longing and praying silently to have no one but him by her side till death.

The thing about death she admired was that Death is such a beautiful element of life, so abrupt, so sudden, it’s the most beautiful way of bidding Good Bye! No promises broken neither hearts. You just broke your relationship … with pain. As the soul departs leaving behind your body it puts an end to all the suffering. The body returns to its origin.. NOTHING in a couple of days. The soul leaves its cage and fly free to heavens above.. This is the cycle of life the starting and ending points are always connected.

The connected points will take him to HER !

” SHE is just lucky for SHE was born where he was born, same religion ” 

Staring at HER picture she cried. Envious enough babe? Her inner self broke the silence. She didn’t reply because she knew the answer will break her. She was just hiding it from herself .. living in a fool’s paradise.. Her heart kept telling her brain YOU WILL GET HIM IN THE END , YOU WILL GET HIM, JUST CONTINUE LOVING, CONTINUE GIVING 

Life is not just but your creator is



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